What to expect

First time Dispensary experience

Never been to a dispensary?  Don't worry. We'll be sure you're not walking in like a deer in headlights. First, book a tour to be sure you go to safe, legally operating dispensaries. Bring your government issue ID read more

bud and beds

Pot-friendly, beach front vacations

Most AirBNBs don't allow smoking, let alone smoking cannabis.  Don't worry, we've got you covered. Contact us to book this 4 bedroom Venice beach front home that is definitely pot-friendly.  Warning: You may never want to go home.


Celebrating our Cannaversary

Can you believe it? We've been in business a full year and we spent the afternoon with Alyson at Cheddar.com in a annual wrap up of cannabis businesses in LA.  Learn more about this "Candyland of Cannabis", watch the interview and book a tour of your own.



Get LoadedUp

Our friends @LoadedUpEnt were early believers and produced this video to show people what it's like to take a ride with us.  Check out the video here.




360/VR Party Bus

While we were at the 420 Games, we got a visit from our friends @ThatHighCouple who took a first look at our tour bus with their 360/VR camera! Be sure to to lift up or turn your device around for the full experience and be sure to give @thathighcouple a like, subscribe and follow on their YouTube channel and Instagram profile.