we come to you

Get your phone fixed without even leaving your home. From Kaneohe to Haleiwa, our mobile services can be performed in our fully equipped portable workstation.

no fix, no charge

There's no risk when you're working with Swiftel. If we can't fix it, there's no charge. You will have the option to recycle your device at a rate better than trade-in value.

buy / sell phones

Before you trade in your device for an upgrade, tell us about your device and see if we can offer you more than your local retailer to better offset the cost of your new phone.

we fix mobile devices

If your phone or tablet is experiencing any of the following issues, more than likely, we can fix it. For mobile appointments, we will work from our portable, mobile workstation and never ask to enter your home.

cracked screen
the touchscreen has stopped responding
blank screen
home button does not function
water damage
not charging or holding a charge
person on the other end can't hear you or you can't hear them

if we can't fix it, we won't charge

If for some reason, the phone cannot be repaired, we will not charge you but may offer you compensation for the e-waste. 350,000 electronic devices are discarded daily causing irreparable damage to our environment. Let's do our part to properly dispose of these items.

Get a quote for your repair or your phone

Contact us to discuss the device issues and we will provide an estimate. If your phone is in great shape and in full working order, you can also simply sell us your phone for a rate better than a retailer is offering as a trade-in.