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Explore the "Candyland of Cannabis" on The Kush Bus! Visit the finest dispensaries, get exclusive deals and have unique experiences through-out Hollywood and Venice/Santa Monica Beach.

Private Events

Bond with your friends or coworkers over a mutual interest in cannabis while we take care of the driving.  Weddings, birthday or bachelor parties, and team building events have never been so fun...

Dope Magazine

We teamed up with Dope Magazine for their Golden Ticket Party and smoked out two full limo busses!  Follow us on Instagram for the most up to date news or check our calendar to reserve your seat.

What's it like on The Kush Bus

While you've been enjoying it, cannabis professionals have been nurturing their craft, presenting new forms of regulated marijuana at legal dispensaries.  You're not sure of all the rules, if dabbing is that video game dance and which dispensaries are going to have the patience for all your questions.

That's what we're here for.

We only visit licensed operators and we'll give you insight on what to expect before we get to a dispensary. You'll get to see Hollywood landmarks or an authentic California beach.  We'll smoke. We'll make new friends.  We'll laugh and have a good time. 

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Take a ride on The Kush Bus by Green Line Trips

How to prepare...

In order to enter and make a purchase from a dispensary, be sure to bring government issue ID showing proof of age over 21. Guests 18 years of age are required to have a medical recommendation. Got more questions?